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Price And Packages


To best cater for our clients' different needs we have created 3 service packages.


£100+VAT £140+VAT £175+VAT
Secure online accountancy software
Preparation of Annual Statutory accounts and Corporation Tax (CT600)
Registration with VAT and PAY.
Completion of VAT returns and suggestions on different scheme to save tax. Preparing  VAT Reports for you to approve for submission.
Dealing with the Inland Revenue.
Dealing with Companies  House.
Advice quarterly  PAYE or monthly if applicable
Electronic fillling of monthly RTI and end of year payroll return
Completion of form P11d and P11d(b).
On-going  tax and accountancy advice
Dividend Calculation
Payslip administration.
Preparation of Company  Year-End  Accounts 120 days 120 days 45 days
Prepare Quarterly Management Accounts and expenses suggestions
Higher rate Tax Calculation and advice 
Monthly expenses  feedback  and suggestions.
Extra Payroll for employees 1-2 1-2 2-5
Registered  office service of central London
Professional indemnity Insurance (£1m)
Public Liability Insurance (£1m) 
Employer Liability Insurance (£10m)
Tax Enquiry Insurance
Legal protection Insurance 
IR35 Contract Assessment 
Printed Pay slip posted every month optional
Raise invoice for customer - you will send us time sheets we will prepare a professional invoice
Chase agency for payment  and deal with agency queries
Full Internal booking service 
making payment on behalf of client (optional, we can get limited access so we pay you salary and expense reimbursement) optional
Raise expenses for client, managing receipts on monthly basis
Self-address envelops every month for client to send expense receipts. 

Bespoke advice For Contractors

Get unlimited accounting recommendation tailored to your company from Adroit Accountax qualified accountants . You’ll ne'er have to be compelled to book a meeting as we tend to slot in around your business. As an ACCA, ICAEW and AAT authorised coaching leader, all of our in-house team are qualified to produce you with comprehensive, up to this point support.

Adroit Accounting experts

Our accountants are specialists once it involves serving to freelancers , contractors , consultants and small businesses . Adroit Accountax will give you free fuidlines on a spread of accounting subjects, like IR35 , and Adroit team  are able to assist you with our real time online accounting softwares .

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